Charmaine is inseparable with her Kitten

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Charmaine Sheh who have always declared herself having empty love life, recently found solace in new love [BB]. Turns out that she have just got a 3 months old Scottish fold kitten and she have been sticking together with the kitty ever since. Yesterday Charmaine went to Fo Tan to film an advertisement for HK Health and Laboratory. She brought BB along to work and plays with her whenever she is free, obviously smitten with the cat.

The shooting location is at the Industrial Centre in Fo Tan, where she films a new series of advertisement for HK Health. This is her 2nd year as their spokesperson and they specially presented her with a Diamond Card, which allows her to enjoy a lifetime of free health check.

Running around, extremely mischievous

Charmaine’s mood was extremely good when she posed with her white jacket and black pants ensemble while holding a loudspeaker. The reason for her upbeat mood is not just the spokesperson fees she earned, but also because of her new love [BB] was also at the set to visit her. Actually, BB is a 3 months old Scottish fold female kitten. Since Charmaine got her, she has become homely. She often stays at home to play with the cat and even took BB pictures to decorate her mobile phone’s wallpaper. Obviously she loves BB very much.

Most of cat owners prefer to leave their cats at home to prevent them from getting lost. However, Charmaine and BB already formed a deep bond. She is not afraid to take BB out during work. It was BB’s first trip out and she was really excited, running around the set and very mischievous. Seeing this Charmaine was tickled pink and played with BB whenever she’s free.

[She is my lover]

Charmaine smiled: “This is my first time having a pet. After I got her, I seldom went out because I’m worried for her at home alone. Plus she is my lover. Actually I prefer dogs, but I will need to take them out for walks often therefore I tried having a cat instead. I like her the moment I set eyes on her at the pet store. She really loves to stick around people.”
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Charmaine and Joe’s 4th time together

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Liza Wang (汪明荃) led the cast of new TVB series The Turbulence Of East And West <東山飄雨西關晴> at the show’s costume fitting ceremony today. Celebrated recently for her new image of being the bossy mother-in-law, Liza has a new screen family for this period drama in the form of Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) and Joe Ma (馬德鐘). Also in the cast are Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Selena Li (李詩韻), Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Kiki Sheung (商天娥), Evergreen Mak (麥包) and Rocky Cheng (鄭健樂).

Adopting the personality of her bossy character, Liza laid down the law by announcing that no-one was allowed to check their scripts after entering the set and everyone had to arrive on time. Later, she said that she was just joking and smiled that she believed none of her colleagues would have such bad habits.

Playing a couple again for the fourth time in the new series, Charmaine and Joe were asked if they were worried about starting up rumours again during filming. They both said that they were not worried at all because the gossip generated in the past was extremely false and they know each other very well now, so there is no longer any danger of it any more.

Charmaine’s character is a very bold young lady who builds a successful business up from a humble congee cart. She revealed that her character will have romantic ties with Liza’s two screen sons, Joe and Raymond, but is prevented from marrying into the family by the bossy mother.

Asked if she was worried about having conflicts with her future mother-in-law, Charmaine said tactfully that seniors should be respected. As for whether she would be prepared to live with her in-laws, she said that it was hard to say at the moment, because it would depend on the situation. She added that she would not like to be abandoned when she grows old. However, she said that many older people are very open-minded now and will allow their children to enjoy their married life.

Charmaine has great future ahead

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Charmaine Sheh has recently became Ms. Wealthy in silence. In 2004, she invested 4 million HK dollars for a 665-square feet apartment at Aberdeen’s Sham Wan Towers and brought back a 6 figure sum return. Also, another property she invested for 5 million HK dollars for a 1200 square feet apartment at North Point is now valued at 13 million dollars, adding millions to her wealth. No wonder Charmaine spends luxuriously on food. Recently she spent $3888 at Tsim Sha Tsui eating luxurious delicacies. Charmaine also recently invested in a restaurant in Chengdu becoming a boss herself.

Charmaine flew to Canada and America earlier for stage perfomances, adding wealth to her at the start of the rat year. She is also not stingy to herself, recently went to Tsim Sha Tsui for a $3888 luxurious new year meal prepared by master chef Au Yeung Kong Kei. On the menu are Braised Crab with Superior Sharks Fin (括 紅 燒 蟹 皇 翅), South African Abalone with Fish Maw and Goose Feet(六 頭 南 非 鮑 魚 扣 花 菇 鵝 掌), Golden Spring Chicken and Pan-Fried Meat and Vegetable Buns (金 牌 炸 子 雞 及 生 煎 菜 肉 包) and other delicacies. Charmaine fills the position as the chef’s assistant, doing some cooking and did it well.

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Charmaine Sheh and other artists appearing in Singapore

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Eariler, TVB International and Singapore Star Hub collaborated a show called, 星和展銷會. To show that importance of that TVB regards the collboration, artist, Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Booby Au Yeung and Wong Hei attened a press conference to promote the show.  The artist wish to bring all Singaporean five star  quality program and wonder Lunar New Year experience. All the artist accepted interviews and they will sing too, but except for Charmaine and Bobby Au Yeung.

The artists keep recieveing presents and flowers etc from fans  and are even lucky to play games with them on the stage. The artist also have the oppunity to visit the night markets.

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TVB Artists Function Fees

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 Charmaine Sheh:

1 Mainland Functiom: $150,000

2 Hong Kong Functiom: $100,000

Dyring 2007, Charmaine’s popularity in mainland China has dropped, even though she was in nig production, ‘The Drive of Life’ but series flopped in ratings. Forunatley, Charmaine’s rumoured boyfriend, Benny Chan, is really popular in China but Charmaine is also very popular and can get alot of jobs in China.

Charmaine Sheh wants to act with Zhang Yi Mou

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Charmaine said she realy admires Zhang Yi Mou’s movies because she thinks they gave a unique feel with them. She says, ‘To me, I do not mind abut any roles, if I had a strip, it must be a strong and daring strip’

After filming Forensic Heroes, Charmaine is currently having a filming break, in March she will be filming new series, an early period series. She says, After filming that new series, she wants to have anothe holiday break because in Hong Kong, it is currently very hot.  In the new series, Charmaine will be acting with Jor Ma, which they are rumored about currntly. Charmaine also said, she have been working with Joe Ma a few times already, so if there are still rumours, it should have ended and she also sais she is not scared of rumours with him. Bobby who was sitting next to her quickly said, Charmaine is beauitful, therefore it’s easy for her to have rumors with. 

Welcome to Charmed Charmaine Newsroom!!

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Welcome everyone! Here we have Charmaine’s lastest news and this newsroom belongs to Charmed Charmaine! Enjoy!